Who We Are

Zak International provides assistance in planning and implementing projects, in addition to International development strategies. Our Vision is to provide our clients the necessary skills and goal-oriented tools they need in the development process for optimum results and income. We have the absolute ability to handle the entire progression from planning to execution, as well as focusing on ourselves more narrowly, depending on their provisions.

Our expertise includes, financing, market research, business modeling, government negotiations along with the creation of partnerships and joint ventures. In addition, Zak International enjoys a wide practice in the global investments & business development field by having its partners whom acquired more than 30 years of experience in planning and executing international projects and investments strategies.

Our Mission

As a specialist in the International Investments & Business Developments field, Zak International always aims to assist in managing foreign investments for governments as well as for private sectors.

Global Business

In today’s economy, it is becoming increasingly necessary for governments and private sectors to expand globally in order to persist. To do so in a success manner, preparation and strategic economic plans are essential. This is particularly factual in the professional or business services industry – one of the fastest growing components in world trade.

ZAK Divisions

What We Do

Zak International was established to meet the needs of the service who:

  • Values sensitivity to cultural differences which can affect the bottom line
  • Needs to identify the right partners and/or alliances in order to succeed in a new environment
  • Understands the value of strategic planning for its cost-effectiveness with respect to avoiding mistakes
  • Is looking for the necessary information to reinforce the economy for local development and to access foreign markets
  • Is facing marketing intangibles challenges, characterized by the need to raise awareness and demonstrate credibility

Our Commitment

Our main commitment is to help our clients extend their reac into new markets, providing them the necessary security of financing, broaden their customer base, attract new investors and expand their revenues and profits.

Our Target

At Zak International, we offer our clients the expertise and resources they need to successfully grow their businesses locally and globally, from the Middle East, North and Latin America, to Europe and Asia and back again.

Our Focus

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Investment Research Capabilities

Accordingly, we rely on a combination of independent research, performed by a dedicated research team, along with client-driven advocacy through a consultancy involvement in the research process. We’re best defined for the depth and breadth of our research topics, as well as our thoughtful recommendations.

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Professional Consultancy Services

Zak International offers customized consulting and investment solutions, including outsourced services through its investment consulting services to governments, public and corporate clients.

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Market Entry Strategies

We undertake research to provide market intelligence which supports the planning process and ensures the best market presence for the business.

Our experience has proven that successful international business development requires a multidisciplinary approach. This comprises:

  • Global business development; with a particular emphasis on the use of alliances such as joint ventures and partnerships
  • Strategic planning, financial modeling and market research
  • Regulatory and communications strategies

Too often, these disciplines are kept separate. We bring them together at the outset of every project and follow each track through to a cohesive result

Our Abilities

Regulatory and Communications Strategy

We also have the ability to successfully advocate with government or private sector and the media to ensure the success of ventures whether they are expanding locally or internationally

  • Develop a strategic communications plan tailored to the target market.
  • Direct media awarness and public relations campaigns to forward successful ventures.
  • Plan and execute negotiations strategies based on economics and financial requirements.
  • Find and evaluate new economic growth opportunities.
  • Identify qualified local partners and negotiate agreements.
  • Conduct local market research (e.g.: focus groups and field testing).
  • Serving the construction business with the supply of all related materials.
  • Identifying and offering all economic assistance and all of its required tools.
  • Produce detailed market assessments and data to support decision-making process.
  • Develop and execute projects needed for investment such as industrial, tourism, healthcare, construction, energy and trading.
  • Provide executive coaching on managing successful foreign partnerships, strategic planning, financial modeling and market research.